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Call for Tenders: fullframe Festival 2011, Gartenbaukino Vienna - Austria


fullframe 2011 –
Experimental– und Avantguardfilmscreening
April 21th 2011, Gartenbaukino Vienna - Austria

Interested artists can tender films or videos from the realm of visual arts and new media until February 19th 2011.

Requested are current tenders (not older than 2009) which gain quality by being presented on the 120m² screen at the Vienna Gartenbaukino, coming from the genre of experimental- and avantguard filmart. Within this area we are aiming for a wide range concerning the application with the medium ‘film&video’.

The selection will be proceeded by the fullframe association and will cover worldwide productions and various formats and media, which have been produced from 2009 onwards, respectively in exceptional cases unseen elder works. We have a special interest in artistic solutions, which are technically experimental or in some way ground-breaking.

On the 21th of April 2011 fullframe presents a selection of current film and video art in a program with the duration of 100 minutes at the screen of the Vienna Gartenbaukino. 16mm, 35mm, video-projections and a live-act will be shown. The program consists of films and videos, which are of museum quality or are customarily displayed in galleries.

It shows that a presentation at a cinema not only enables a new concentrated view of the single films and a reciprocal action within the entire program but it also attracts a wider range of visitors.

So far works by Pipilotti Rist, Friedl Kubelka, Nikolaus Gansterer, Peter Weibel, Kerstin Cmelka, Gustav Deutsch, Julian Rosefeldt, Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Marie Losier and Thomas Draschan, only to name a few, have been displayed.

Tenders to:
Verein fullframe; Postfach 240; A-1020 Vienna; Austria

For tenders: Sample-DVD (for DVD-player) and filled out entry form.
The definite selection of participants will be made by the fullframe association at the middle of March and will be announced on the website.

More information about fullframe, entry form and participation conditions at:

01/18/2011 - 02/19/2011
Additional information: