Illustration © Nikki McClure

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"Ladyfest Deep South aims to provide a forum for a diverse group of artists and activists to demonstrate their talents and passions and bring together a wide array of people to celebrate local art and activism and participate in community-building and skill-building workshops. The organizers of Ladyfest Deep South are committed to establishing an environment that embraces diversity based on gender, race, class, sex, sexuality, and other identity categories and welcomes those who further our commitment to enriching the breadth of contributions made by organizers, volunteers, performers, participants, and attendees. The Executive Committee, Advisory Board, and Organizers are committed to safe and best practices and expect that volunteers, participants, and attendees engage in the same, not only in the form of inclusive language, but that they contribute to all practices necessary for an atmosphere of respect and productive coalition-building.

Volunteer-run and organized by women and other feminists, Ladyfest Deep South welcomes everyone of all ages, genders, backgrounds, and communities—to attend and participate. Our beneficiaries for 2011 include Alabama Birth Coalition (ABC) and The University of Alabama’s Women’s Resource Center (WRC)."!/ladyfest2011?sk=info)


Tuscaloosa, AL
United States
33° 12' 11.0628" N, 87° 33' 29.8404" W
04/15/2011 - 04/17/2011