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Title Topicsort icon Post date People Type of project Type
"Fake it till you make it". An email interview with Karolina Bång from Malmö, Sweden Sex and sexualities 2009 Interview
"Taking up Deserved Space". An email interview with MissTer Scratch from London, UK Sex and sexualities 2009 Interview
Trouble X comixs (Zines, Comics, Posters etc.) Sex and sexualities 2009 Trouble X Digital Archives
Hallon TV Sex and sexualities 2009 Bitte Andersson Digital Archives
Masculine Femininities Zine Sex and sexualities 2009 Misster Raju Rage, formally Misster Scratch (editor) Digital Archives
Queer Beograd Sex and sexualities 2009 QueerBeograd is a group of eight people who decided to stand against the violence. Performance & theatre play Project
Ta det röda pillret (Blog) Sex and sexualities 2009 Alexander Alvina Chamberland Digital Archives
In Search of Forgotten Women Kings: An Email interview with Kvinnekongen, feminist blogger and mother (Norway) Sex and sexualities 2009 Interview
Feminist Review (Journal) Sex and sexualities 2009 Editorial Collective Digital Archives
Sheba Feminist Publishers (1980-1994) Sex and sexualities 2009 Digital Archives
Art photography group show, March, London Sex and sexualities 2010 Carly Churchill, VDay Event Project
Artist Cordelia Donohoe has work currently showing as part of a V Day photography exhibition 5th – 20th March 2010 at the New Players Theatre, Villiers Street. London. Sex and sexualities 2010 Interview
Bang Bang (Radio) Sex and sexualities 2011 Xavier Ess (chief editor), Sébastien Ministru and Bang Bang Team Digital Archives
DégenréE - l'émission pour déranger! (radio) Sex and sexualities 2011 DégenréE distro + radio féministe Digital Archives
bleck (1998 - 2003?) Sex and sexualities 2011 collective; chief editor/founder: Linna Johansson Digital Archives
Clio - Die Zeitschrift für Frauengesundheit (Magazine) Sex and sexualities 2011 Feministisches Frauen Gesundheits Zentrum Berlin Digital Archives
cuntstunt (zine) Sex and sexualities 2011 Elke, Eva, Esther Digital Archives
Osez le féminisme! (Newspaper) Sex and sexualities 2011 Osez le féminisme! network Digital Archives
FEMA - FEministický MAgazín (Magazine) Sex and sexualities 2011 chief editors: Kateřina Plesková (NORA), Kristýna Pešáková (NESEHNUTÍ) Digital Archives
Les Poupées en Pantalon (Magazine) Sex and sexualities 2012 Les poupées en pantalon Digital Archives
fé (E-Zine) Sex and sexualities 2012 Kprod (2 webmistresses), fé community Digital Archives
Lilith, Martine et les Autres (Radio) Sex and sexualities 2012 Radiolilith collective Digital Archives
On est pas des cadeaux! (Radio) Sex and sexualities 2012 collective Digital Archives
CAS Libres (Radio) Sex and sexualities 2012 collective Digital Archives
Le Complot des Cagoles (Radio) Sex and sexualities 2012 Des Pétroleuses (collective) Digital Archives
Rien à Signaler (Radio) Sex and sexualities 2012 Digital Archives
liberetutte (Perugia, blog) Sex and sexualities 2012 Colletivo Femminista Sommosse Perugia Digital Archives
Mujeres Libres Bologna (blog) Sex and sexualities 2012 Mujeres Libres Bologna Digital Archives
Post-Porn und Body Politix (exhibition + performance evenings at VBKÖ Vienna, Feb 28th - Mar 4th 2012) Sex and sexualities 2012 Ein Projekt von Studierenden der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien und Ruby Sircar. Mit Arbeiten von: Alina Helal und Jessyca Hauser, George Rusalin, Fanni Futterknecht, Daniela Grabosch, Anna Krambeck, Cellulite Rose, Matthias Derschmidt, Lena Schuster, Shabnam Chamani, Ahoo Maher, Anna Spanlang, Heidemarie Pyringer, Daliah Heeger, Julischka Stengele Exhibit Project
Ladyfest Leipzig 2012 Sex and sexualities 2012 Ladyfest Leipzig Organisationscrew Digital Archives
Cowgirls (zine, comics, book) Sex and sexualities 2012 Karolina Bång Digital Archives
Erreakzioa-Reacción (zine, 1994-2000) Sex and sexualities 2012 Erreakzioa-Reacción (Yolanda de los Bueis, Estibaliz Sadaba and Azucena Vieites) Digital Archives
When We Play - Glimpses at the Aesthetics, Ethics and Politics of Queer BDSM (Lecture by Em Schwarzwald at VBKÖ/Vienna July 12th) Sex and sexualities 2012 VBKÖ – Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs Maysedergasse 2/4. Stock 1010 Wien Project
LES Online (Onlinejournal) Sex and sexualities 2012 editorial team with an academic background: Eduarda Ferreira, Maria João Silva, Isabel Bento Digital Archives
Killed By Beauty (zine, 2001 - ???) Sex and sexualities 2012 collective; editor in chief: Feliziah Alexandersson Digital Archives
Gender Fuck Fest Sex and sexualities 2012 GenderFuck team, comprises of activists around former zines as Bloody Mary, Femidom, Houpacka and other feminist and anti-authoritarian collectives Crafts Project
MiniComics Sex and sexualities 2012 Anna Heger Digital Archives
Call: Davis Feminist Film Festival 2013 (Deadline: Dec 15, 2012) Sex and sexualities 2012 Consortium for Women and Research, University of California, Davis, CA Resources
Call: Camera Club Girls Film Festival 2013 (Deadline: 31st Dec 2012) Sex and sexualities 2012 PinUp PayBack Resources
Feminist Performers - Interviews, reviews and profiles of feminist performers (Blog) Sex and sexualities 2012 Ann Domoney Digital Archives
Gender Equality Festival 2012 (Oxford, 18 - 24 Nov 2012) Sex and sexualities 2012 WomCam Digital Archives
Pecs & Ongles (zine, 2008 - 2009?) Sex and sexualities 2012 Les Panthères Roses Digital Archives
Pełnym Głosem (Magazine, 1993-1997) Sex and sexualities 2012 eFKA Foundation editors in chief: Sławomira Walczewska, Beata Kozak Digital Archives
Přímá cesta (zine, 2001-2006) Sex and sexualities 2012 Anarchofeministická skupina (Anarcho-feminist group) Digital Archives
Ženska soba - Ženski glas (Blog) Sex and sexualities 2013 Ženska soba – Centar za seksualna prava; blog editor: Paula Zore Digital Archives
Seksualność Kobiet (E-Zine) Sex and sexualities 2013 editor: Voca Ilnicka Digital Archives
Trzy Kolory - sabatnik boginiczno-feministyczny / Three Colours - goddess-feminist sabbathZine (E-Zine) Sex and sexualities 2013 collective Digital Archives
Treća (Magazine) Sex and sexualities 2013 Centra za ženske studije - Centre for Women's studies Zagreb; chief editor: Nataša Govedić Digital Archives
Queer List (zine, 2008-2010) Sex and sexualities 2013 Queer Zagreb + Domino Association Digital Archives
Wolverette (Zine) Sex and sexualities 2013 editor: Dodo B. Digital Archives