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Though the content of women in mainstream journalism has found acceptance and is recognized as a real perspective, feminist positions are still marginalized. This is the important fact: the vast majority of departmental leaders are males and thus the most journalistically processed information reflects male experiences and perceptions.

The project of an.schläge is a comprehensive news magazine from a feminist perspective. We are concerned with making visible women's realities and experiences in a (male-dominated media) world, to the breaking of patriarchal structures and the making of a feminist counter-public. The principle of collective editorial staff here is just as important as the openness to diverse feminist perspectives and lifestyles of women.

The magazine has already survived many hard times. But the participation of the FPÖ in the government represents a new dimension of risk dar. Since 2001, the an.schläge no longer gets any subsidy by the Ministry of Social Security and Generations (now Health and women). The only public money we receive are from 390,000 usd ats/28.342 Ms Office from the city of Vienna. In addition, the an.schläge have received the 2004 Journalism subsidies.

In this situation, subscriptions, donations and ads are our most important independent sources of income.

The an.schläge are the only feminist monthly magazine in Austria. Current reporting and background in the fields of politics, culture, work, and since March 2000 Science, CD-tips, reviews, and events are just some of the advantages of a Subscriptions.


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1983- now
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Grassroots media in Europe