Illustration © Nikki McClure

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Different Worlds, Same Heartbeats


Ladyfests, DIY, Craft Activism

issue #1:
sort of a feminist travel zine mixed with drawings, reports documenting “the scene” and craft enthusiasm. it includes texts on DIY feminism activism and my views on Ladyfest Amsterdam, Ladyfest Brussels, Ladies’ Room, Freak Out Fest, Up The Grrrls and more.

issue #2:
articles about autonomous media and craft activism. travel reports about the mini-Ladyfests in Brussels, Ladyfest Berlin 2007, Ladyfest Amsterdam 2008, queer fests and more. DIY how-tos about Audacity, cloth pads and recycling an old pairs of trousers to an apron/toolbelt.

issue #3:
Articles on racism in activist movements, DIY vs professional artists, feminist herstory and waves, and selfpublishing and feminism. Reports on Buy Nothing Make Something, Infomania, HexeNacht 2008, Civil Media 08, Zine/DIY Gathering, Ladyfest Liège 2009, L-Salon II and Elles Tournent 2009. DIY guide to guitar chords.

issue #4:
This issue of SHB contains articles and drawings on revolution and beuilding a movement, women’s liberation rock bands, _ fest 2010, Heksennacht / Take Back The Night, Dolle Mina, leg hair and questions the accessibility of postmodern queer feminism.

issue #5:
The newest issue of SHB contains articles and drawings on consciousness-raising, herstory of feminist activists, call for action, recycling craft ideas, non-hierarchical organising in groups, Anneke Van Baalen, Bunnies On Strike, postmodernist language and thoughts on zines, libraries and research.


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Nina Nijsten
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2007 - now
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Creative Commons
Grassroots media in Europe
Queer feminism