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Title Topicsort icon Post date People Type of project Type
Elke Zobl 2008 Profile
Welcome! 2008 Page
Survey 2009 Webform
Civil Media: What makes it democratic? 2009 Blog entry
Wiki mainpage 2009 Story
Wiki Main Page 2009 Wiki Book page
1. Unterseite 2009 Wiki Book page
Opportunity to participate in an international women’s correspondent program and network 2009 Blog entry
links 2009 Wiki Book page
Workshops mit Mädchen in Salzburg 2009 Page
Workshops mit Mädchen in Salzburg 2009 Page
PRESS RELEASE -- Official launch of the online community platform and living history archive: Grassroots Feminism 2009 Blog entry
Workshops mit Mädchen/with girls in Salzburg 2009 Page
tesz 2009 Page
Rdece Zore Fest: Zine Expo 2010 Blog entry
Changing Aspects: Reflections on the Geo-Political Dilemmas of a Feminist 2009 Blog entry
The European Women's Lobby 50/50 Campaign: Gender Audit Report in view of the European Elections June 2009 2009 Blog entry
Zines: Scrambled documents for a choatic age? 2009 Blog entry
Red Dawns Festival: Queering solidarity and honoring militant historical memory 2009 Blog entry
histérica fanzine 2009 Blog entry
MORE FEMINISTS IN THE MEDIA! Join WIDE's Friends in the Media Network! 2009 Blog entry
Media and Gender Politics at the Autonomous Womyn's Gathering, Vienna 2009 Blog entry
"but you can't eat rights": Mamma Cash's guide to economic justice 2009 Blog entry
When the seeds have been sown: Some publications from the GF project 2009 Blog entry
Grassroots feminism web 2.0: An interview with Red Chidgey 2009 Blog entry
What is the role of innovation in activist media cultures?: Civil Media Conference 2009 2009 Blog entry
Ladyfest web site survey 2010 Webform
are you a third wave feminist? 2010 Blog entry
Do you ever read / watch / listen to feminist-made media? Ever been to a Ladyfest? Come fill out our online questionnaires... 2010 Blog entry
Riot Grrrl History: Kathleen Hanna donates personal papers to an archive 2010 Blog entry, ein Diskussionsforum für Riot Grrrls, Queers, Feministinnen und Interessierte 2010 Blog entry
Kathleen Hanna interviewed on GRITtv 2010 Blog entry
International Girl Gang Underground 2010 Blog entry
New essay on Eva & Co, feminist mag from Austria 2010 Blog entry
1a Convocatória Riot Grrrl Salvador 2010 Blog entry
Multikulturelle Frauengruppe Köln 2010 Blog entry
Wanted: Queer, Alternative and Subversive Femininities 2011 Blog entry
New website for international feminist art journal n.paradoxa 2011 Blog entry
Take part in a forum-discussion on feminist media production! 2012 Blog entry
SFRIOT GRRRL 2012 Blog entry
International Womens Day Activism, Womens Erotic Art 2013 Blog entry
Womens Erotic Art 2013 Blog entry
International Zine Month 2013 Blog entry
Take part! Survey on Punk Zine Writers 2014 Blog entry
Womens Erotic Art 2014 Blog entry
Call for participants: feminist research 2017 Blog entry
Invitation to a new feminist network /mailing list for across europe /and a little beyond 2018 Blog entry
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Ladyfest East Hampton 2001 2001 2011 Gallery Image
Ladyfest Midwest 2001 2001 2011 Gallery Image