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Title Topicsort icon Post date People Type of project Type
Ladyfest Graz 2012 Do-It-Yourself 2012 Ladyfest Graz Plenum Digital Archives
Ladyfest Boston 2012 Do-It-Yourself 2012 The Boston LadyFest Comitee Digital Archives
Ladyfest Leipzig 2012 Do-It-Yourself 2012 Ladyfest Leipzig Organisationscrew Digital Archives
MOM - Make Out Magazine Do-It-Yourself 2012 collective Digital Archives
Ruby Tuesday Rock und Hip Hop Camp 2012 (Berlin July, 21 - July, 29 2012) Do-It-Yourself 2012 Ruby Tuesday e.V. Workshop Project
Girls Rock Camp NÖ 2012 (Wiener Neustadt, Aug, 19 - Aug, 25 2012) Do-It-Yourself 2012 Girls Rock Camp NÖ/pink noise (e. V.) Verein zur Förderung feministisch popkultureller Aktivitäten Workshop Project
Cowgirls (zine, comics, book) Do-It-Yourself 2012 Karolina Bång Digital Archives
SFRIOT a night of MUSIC and self publishing ART to support our Local Women run Women's Clinic! Do-It-Yourself 2012 Crafts Project
L*DYFEST aachen Do-It-Yourself 2012 Crafts Project
Görls - Die neue Mädchenzeitung Do-It-Yourself 2012 changing editorial group of girls and young women project coordination: Jugendbildungswerk Darmstadt-Dieburg Digital Archives
Killed By Beauty (zine, 2001 - ???) Do-It-Yourself 2012 collective; editor in chief: Feliziah Alexandersson Digital Archives
Gender Fuck Fest Do-It-Yourself 2012 GenderFuck team, comprises of activists around former zines as Bloody Mary, Femidom, Houpacka and other feminist and anti-authoritarian collectives Crafts Project
FrauenSommerUni 2012 (Vienna, 19. - 22. September 2012) Do-It-Yourself 2012 Verein Freund_innen der Frauenuniversität Wien Event Project
THE BRING IN TAKE OUT LIVING ARCHIVE - VBKOE EDITION ( 7-21 October, Vienna) Do-It-Yourself 2012 vbkoe Event Project
Anguane - Collettivo AnarcoQueer EcoVegFemminista Do-It-Yourself 2012 Collettivo Anguane E-Zine Project
Ladyfest Paris 2012 Do-It-Yourself 2012 Ladyfest Paris est une association à but non lucratif composée de militant-e-s et d’artistes animé-e-s par les valeurs du féminisme. Digital Archives
Antifee 2012: Festival für feministische Gesellschaftskritik Do-It-Yourself 2012 Antifee collective Digital Archives
LadDIYfest Sheffield 2012 Do-It-Yourself 2012 collective Digital Archives
Strickistinnen - guerilla knitting Vienna Do-It-Yourself 2012 collective Project
Svobodna - свободна (Blog & zine) Do-It-Yourself 2013 collective Digital Archives
Trzy Kolory - sabatnik boginiczno-feministyczny / Three Colours - goddess-feminist sabbathZine (E-Zine) Do-It-Yourself 2013 collective Digital Archives
Race Revolt (zine) Do-It-Yourself 2013 editor: Humaira Saeed Digital Archives
Ladyfest Oslo 2013 (March 6th - 10th 2013) Do-It-Yourself 2013 Digital Archives
Ladyfest* Mainz 2012 (July 13th - 15th 2012) Do-It-Yourself 2013 Autonomes AStA AlleFrauenreferat Universität Mainz Digital Archives
CALL: Invitation for Participation – D.I.Y. (queer-)feminist festival (Vienna, June 6-9, 2013) Do-It-Yourself 2013 Resources
make.aZINE fair (Vienna, 20th - 26th May 2013) Do-It-Yourself 2013 Graphikkinder Zine Project (Podcast-Radio) Do-It-Yourself 2013 Jeanna Kroemer (project coordinator), Natallia Paulovich (site editor), Galina Vasilevskaya (editor and author), Veronica Veskovi (author), Alessia Byvalkevich (columnist and author), Anna Shivrina (translator and author), Maria 'bbgon' Shtal (translator and author) Yauheni Ioksha (website admin) Digital Archives
Studio XX Do-It-Yourself 2013 Studio XX Blog & Web 2.0 Project
pink noise Girls Rock Camp 2013 (Hollabrunn, 18. - 24. Aug. 2013) Do-It-Yourself 2013 pink noise, Verein zur Förderung feministisch popkultureller Aktivitäten Radio Project
Ladies Rock Camp (Südburgenland, 25. Aug. - 1. Sep. 2013) Do-It-Yourself 2013 Ladies Rock Austria Workshop Project
Queer comic zine "Ethical Sloth" looking for submissions Do-It-Yourself 2014 Your ethical sloths, Dana "Dossie" Moustache & Yori "Janet" Gagarim Comics Project
CALL for Projects: NOC WALPURGII FESTIVAL 2014 - Berlin (30th April 2014) Do-It-Yourself 2014 Emancypunx, Refuse, Feminismus Oi, Koepi Resources
Do It Yourself! Do It Together! Zines und Craftivism im Kontext feministischer Kulturproduktion und Bildungsarbeit (Workshops, 18.03.2014, Salzburg) Do-It-Yourself 2014 Workshop Project
Bored by mainstream media? Zines, Feminismus und DIY Kultur (Diskussion + Eröffnung Grrrl Zine Archiv, Salzburg 26.5.2014) Do-It-Yourself 2014 Die Veranstaltung ist eine Kooperation des Wissenschaftskommunikationsprojekts „Making Art, Making Media, Making Change!“ (Austrian Science Fund (FWF) [WKP 10] und des gendup – Zentrums für Gender Studies und Frauenförderung der Universität Salzburg. Project
CALL: pink noise Girls Rock Camp - Musikbegeisterte mit Spaß am Organisieren gesucht! (Salzburg) Do-It-Yourself 2016 pink noise, make it, MARK.freizeit.kultur, FLIT*Z, Frauenbüro Stadt Workshop Project
Left Turn: Notes from the Global Intifada. Magazine & Website E-Zine 2009 Magazine Project
Feminist Media Production in Europe (funded by FWF 2008-2011) E-Zine 2010 Dr. Elke Zobl (Projektleitung), Dr. Rosa Reitsamer (Postdoc, 2009–2011), Red Chidgey, MA (2008–2010), Dr. Jenny Gunnarsson-Payne (2008–2009), Mag. Stefanie Grünangerl (2010–2011) E-Zine Project
Anguane - Collettivo AnarcoQueer EcoVegFemminista E-Zine 2012 Collettivo Anguane E-Zine Project
Candies and Whims Anarcha-Feminist Interview Project (Philippines) E-Zine 2013 Group/Network Project
Candies and Whims Translation/Publication Project - Educational Discussions E-Zine 2013 Group/Network Project
Anguane - Collettivo AnarcoQueer EcoVegFemminista ecovegfeminism 2012 Collettivo Anguane E-Zine Project
an.schläge tv Education 2009 an.schläge team (Lea Susemichel und Saskya Rudigier) Digital Archives
Women's Parliamentary Radio Education 2009 Boni Sones OBE (founder) Digital Archives
Inter Alia: A Journal of Queer Studies Education 2009 Digital Archives
Third Wave Feminism Education 2009 Resources
Leeds Animation Workshop Education 2009 Digital Archives
Women and Education Newsletter (1973-?) Education 2009 Digital Archives
Women Artists, Feminism in the 80s and Now Education 2011 The symposium is part of a series of events, held during Brixton Calling! including a 3 day 80s Women Lens Based Media Event (10-12 November 2011, Brixton Village). For more information contact: e-mail: Event Project
FEL: Feministisch en Links Education 2010 FEL Project
ASPEKT is a feminist educational and publishing organization in Slovakia. Jana Juranova, one of the founders of ASPEKT and still working there, talked with Rosa Reitsamer about the history and current situation of ASPEKT. Education 2010 Interview