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Title Topicsort icon Post date People Type of project Type
CfP: MUSIC, GENDER & DIFFERENCE Intersectional and postcolonial perspectives on musical fields (Vienna, 10 - 12 Oct 2013) Race & ethnicity 2012 The conference is organised by the Department of Music Sociology at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria, in cooperation with: The Feminist Theory and Gender Studies Section of the Austrian Society of Sociology, The Women and Gender Studies Section of the German Society of Sociology, The Gender Studies Committee of the Swiss Society of Sociology Resources
Race Revolt (zine) Race & ethnicity 2013 editor: Humaira Saeed Digital Archives
Slut (Magazine, 2006-2008?) Race & ethnicity 2013 Backspace Digital Archives
There is more to sexism than meets the eye (Live recording of a discussion round held on 20th May 2013, presented by Missy Magazine) Race & ethnicity 2013 Interview
Künstlerische Interventionen // Artistic Interventions (Salzburg, Oct - Dec 2013) Race & ethnicity 2013 Elke Zobl, Rosa Reitsamer Comics Project
Candies and Whims Translation/Publication Project - Educational Discussions Race & ethnicity 2013 Group/Network Project
INQUEERSECTIONS - Exploring queer activism across different contexts (14-16 February 2014, Utrecht, NL) Race & ethnicity 2014 collective Digital Archives
Grrrl Zine Network Queer feminism 2008 Elke Zobl (with Haydeé Jiménez, 2006-2008) Project
Plotki Femzine Queer feminism 2009 Collaborative zine edited by: Isabella Willinger (editor-in-chief), Anna Voswinckel (layout/design), Nicole Doerr (head of fashion project) Digital Archives
Feminist Activist Forum Queer feminism 2008 UK collective Resources
FUL (Magazine, Radio) Queer feminism 2009 Agnes Brynge, Helena Lindblom, Anneli Carnelid, Joanna Ekström, Maya Hald, Desireé Ljungcrantz, Malin Holgersson, Hanne Lindberg, Ulf, Nasim Aghili Digital Archives
Race Revolt Zine Queer feminism 2009 Humaira Saeed (editor) Project
Make/Shift Magazine Queer feminism 2009 Jessica Hoffmann and Daria Yudacufski (editors and founders) Project
Ladyfest Vilnius (Lithuania) 2009 Queer feminism 2009 PI “Naujos kartos moterų iniciatyvos” Project
10. FESTIVAL RDEČE ZORE / Red Dawns / Die Rote Zora Festival Queer feminism 2009 collective Project
"New Kids on the Block: Performing as a Boy Band at Ladyfest". An interview with Tina and Melita at Ladyfest Amsterdam Queer feminism 2009 Interview
“Ladyfest: Play if you feel like it, not for the money”: An email interview with Melissa from Auckland, New Zealand. Queer feminism 2009 Interview
"Fake it till you make it". An email interview with Karolina Bång from Malmö, Sweden Queer feminism 2009 Interview
Drunk Granny/ Husbands Split 7" Release on Local Kid/ F.A.G club Queer feminism 2009 Project
"Gender trouble/fun". An email interview with Trouble X, from Germany Queer feminism 2009 Interview
Trouble X comixs (Zines, Comics, Posters etc.) Queer feminism 2009 Trouble X Digital Archives
“Is Ladyfest a politics to settle down to?”: A conversation with Maaike from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Queer feminism 2009 Interview
Autonomous Feminist Womyn’s Gathering, April 9-14 2009 in Vienna, Austria Queer feminism 2009 Project
Hallon TV Queer feminism 2009 Bitte Andersson Digital Archives
Kruh & Ruze ("Bread & Roses", Magazine) Queer feminism 2009 Editor in chef, Kruh & Ruze: Đurđa Knežević Editorial board: Nadežda Čačinovič, Maja Dubljević, Andrea Feldman, Ljiljana Filipović, Ines Jemrić, Đurđa Knežević, Smiljana Leinert Novosel, Gordana Obradović Dragišić, Snježana Prijić-Samaržija Digital Archives
FETT (Magazine) Queer feminism 2009 Editor: Charlotte Myrbråten Editorial team:Trine Elisabeth Danielsen - Bilderedaktør Ellen Engelstad - Kulturredaktør Tone Mesna - Desksjef Aina Landsverk Hagen Ingrid Lossius Falkum Kari Mathilde Hestad Anita Haslie Digital Archives
Queerscapes - Zürich. June 5-7, 2009 Queer feminism 2009 Project
Bird of Paradox (Blog) Queer feminism 2009 Helen G Digital Archives
Hallongrottan/Hallon TV: An Interview with Bitte Andersson Queer feminism 2009 Interview
Vi som aldrig sa sexist: Normen styr inte dig - du styr normen (Blog) Queer feminism 2009 Digital Archives
Freaky: Queer Art Conference, Workshop, Exhibition Queer feminism 2009 Event Project
Masculine Femininities Zine Queer feminism 2009 Misster Raju Rage, formally Misster Scratch (editor) Digital Archives
Trans-feminism zine Queer feminism 2009 Kris (editor). Published by the Feminist Activist Forum (FAF). Digital Archives
Queer Beograd Queer feminism 2009 QueerBeograd is a group of eight people who decided to stand against the violence. Performance & theatre play Project
Radix Queer feminism 2009 Nina Nijsten Digital Archives
Different Worlds, Same Heartbeats Queer feminism 2009 Nina Nijsten Digital Archives
Ta det röda pillret (Blog) Queer feminism 2009 Alexander Alvina Chamberland Digital Archives
There's Nowt As Queer As Feminism zine Queer feminism 2009 Rah (editor), published by the Feminist Activist Forum Digital Archives
Reassess Your Weapons (zine) Queer feminism 2009 Melanie Maddison (ed) Digital Archives
Inter Alia: A Journal of Queer Studies Queer feminism 2009 Digital Archives
Trikster: Nordic Queer Journal Queer feminism 2009 executive editor: Mathias Danbolt Digital Archives
"Take the Red Pill—Face the World Problems!": An e-mail interview with blogger and activist Alexander Alvina Chamberland Queer feminism 2009 Interview
Prepih (Blog) Queer feminism 2009 Tea Hvala Digital Archives
Queer Female Art Show! Queer feminism 2009 Misty Fall, Jenny Henley Exhibit Project
Women Artists, Feminism in the 80s and Now Queer feminism 2011 The symposium is part of a series of events, held during Brixton Calling! including a 3 day 80s Women Lens Based Media Event (10-12 November 2011, Brixton Village). For more information contact: e-mail: Event Project
"One person is never just one identity; it’s not necessarily a schizophrenic situation". An interview with Tea Hvala from Prepih Blog (Slovenia) Queer feminism 2010 Interview
Ka Schmitz, Comic-Zeichnerin, Illustratorin und Wen-Do-Trainerin, im Gespräch mit Rosa Reitsamer Queer feminism 2010 Interview
Jamika Ajalon "The Fugitive Archetype of Resistance: a metamorphical narrative" Queer feminism 2011 Interview
Chroma: A Queer Literary Journal (2004-2010) Queer feminism 2010 Shaun Levin (founding editor) and editorial team Digital Archives
Bang Bang (Radio) Queer feminism 2011 Xavier Ess (chief editor), Sébastien Ministru and Bang Bang Team Digital Archives