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Drunk Granny/ Husbands Split 7" Release on Local Kid/ F.A.G club Do-It-Yourself 2009 Project
"Making valuable DIY theory and herstory through zines". An email interview with Nina, from Belgium Do-It-Yourself 2009 Interview
Punkrock Feminism Zine Do-It-Yourself 2009 Jana, Matrosenmädchen & Zebraspider Project
Trouble X comixs (Zines, Comics, Posters etc.) Do-It-Yourself 2009 Trouble X Digital Archives
“Is Ladyfest a politics to settle down to?”: A conversation with Maaike from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Do-It-Yourself 2009 Interview
"Generating contexts in a fragile scene". An email interview with the feminist art collective Erreakzioa-Reacción Do-It-Yourself 2009 Interview
"Love is a perverted feeling...". An email interview with the anarcha-feminist LoveKills Collective, from Romania Do-It-Yourself 2009 Interview
LoveKills zine Do-It-Yourself 2009 LoveKills anarcha-feminist collective Digital Archives
Shocking Pink (Magazine, 1981-1982 and 1987-1992) Do-It-Yourself 2009 Digital Archives
Re-BELLY-on Week Do-It-Yourself 2009 Eileen Moeller Jourdan Togstad Kat Heiar Digital Archives
Hallon TV Do-It-Yourself 2009 Bitte Andersson Digital Archives
Radio Pirate Woman Do-It-Yourself 2009 Margaretta D'Arcy Digital Archives
Bunnies on Strike (website & zine) Do-It-Yourself 2009 Sanne Reinco Daniel Maaike Gijs Hester Keerolyn Angela Digital Archives
Hallongrottan/Hallon TV: An Interview with Bitte Andersson Do-It-Yourself 2009 Interview
“A Badass Veiled Girl”: E-mail Interview with Guerrilla Artist Princess Hijab Do-It-Yourself 2009 Interview
Flapper Gathering zine Do-It-Yourself 2009 Nina Digital Archives
Radix Do-It-Yourself 2009 Nina Nijsten Digital Archives
Not Lady-Like Do-It-Yourself 2009 Nina Nijsten Digital Archives
Different Worlds, Same Heartbeats Do-It-Yourself 2009 Nina Nijsten Digital Archives
Third Wave/ New/ DIY Feminisms: Books, Articles, Websites Do-It-Yourself 2009 Resources
The Small Science Collective (Zine library) Do-It-Yourself 2009 Project
rampenfiber: feministisches musikfestival in Vienna (Austria) 24.-27.September 2009 Do-It-Yourself 2009 fiber team Digital Archives
Reassess Your Weapons (zine) Do-It-Yourself 2009 Melanie Maddison (ed) Digital Archives
I'm not waiting. Doin' it yrself, now (zine) Do-It-Yourself 2009 Melanie Maddison Digital Archives
Prepih (Blog) Do-It-Yourself 2009 Tea Hvala Digital Archives
NOC WALPURGII / VALPURGIS NIGHT FESTIVAL Do-It-Yourself 2010 Video & Film Project
Ka Schmitz, Comic-Zeichnerin, Illustratorin und Wen-Do-Trainerin, im Gespräch mit Rosa Reitsamer Do-It-Yourself 2010 Interview
Verena Reygers, Redakteurin bei, im Gespräch mit Rosa Reitsamer Do-It-Yourself 2010 Interview
ASPEKT is a feminist educational and publishing organization in Slovakia. Jana Juranova, one of the founders of ASPEKT and still working there, talked with Rosa Reitsamer about the history and current situation of ASPEKT. Do-It-Yourself 2010 Interview
Ptqk Blogzine: Maria Ptqk is writing her blogzine since 2004. In the interview with Rosa Reitsamer, Maria Ptqk talks about her way into feminism, cyberfeminism and her blogging experience. Do-It-Yourself 2010 Interview
„Auf der Suche nach immer neuen Formen…“. Lea Susemichel, koordinierende Redakeurin der feministischen Monatszeitschrift an.schläge und Co-Produzentin von an.schläge-TV, traf sich im Februar 2010 zu einem Gespräch mit Rosa Reitsamer. Do-It-Yourself 2010 Interview
taking cultural production into our own hands Do-It-Yourself 2010 Melanie Maddison (editor) Digital Archives
Join the femmepop revolution Do-It-Yourself 2010 Project
HUGS & KISSES: Tender To All Gender. Christiane Stephan, Gründerin von Hugs & Kisses, im Gespräch mit Rosa Reitsamer. Do-It-Yourself 2010 Interview
Echo Do-It-Yourself 2010 Nina Crafts Project
Feminist Memory (Blog) Do-It-Yourself 2010 Red Chidgey Digital Archives
Femminismo a Sud: „a space where people can share their opinion about what‘s going on in our society“. Do-It-Yourself 2010 Interview
„We are interested in a bigger picture of society!“ Robin, member of the Belgium feminist grassroots group FEL, in conversation with Rosa Reitsamer about feminism and the challenge of bringing about social change in society. Do-It-Yourself 2010 Interview
Feminist Media Production in Europe (funded by FWF 2008-2011) Do-It-Yourself 2010 Dr. Elke Zobl (Projektleitung), Dr. Rosa Reitsamer (Postdoc, 2009–2011), Red Chidgey, MA (2008–2010), Dr. Jenny Gunnarsson-Payne (2008–2009), Mag. Stefanie Grünangerl (2010–2011) E-Zine Project
The Feminist Poster Project - Call for contributions Do-It-Yourself 2010 The Feminist Poster Project Illustration Project
De Tweede Sekse Blog: An interview with Evie. Do-It-Yourself 2010 Interview
Red Dawns Festival 2011: Call for Proposals Do-It-Yourself 2010 Project
CFP: Thematic stream „Feminist Media Production in Europe“ @ „Civilmedia 11“, Salzburg, 14.–16. 04. 2011 Do-It-Yourself 2011 Rosa Reitsamer / Elke Zobl Resources
THE WOMEN’S LIBERATION MUSIC ARCHIVE: Feminist music-making from the 1970s and 80s Do-It-Yourself 2011 Digital Archives
CoWeb - City of Women goes Web! (E-Zine) Do-It-Yourself 2011 Mesto žensk - Društvo za promocijo žensk v kulturi (Association for the Promotion of Women in Culture - City of Women) Digital Archives
Autonome FrauenLesbenMädchenZentrum Wien feiert 33-jähriges Bestehen Do-It-Yourself 2011 Event Project
Feminist Poster Project (Posters, postcards, stickers, visual material) Do-It-Yourself 2011 rebelsister = Nina Nijsten Digital Archives
Zine Fest Gent - DIY media & feminist activism Do-It-Yourself 2011 FEL + ECHO Workshop Project
Girls Can Blog (Blog) Do-It-Yourself 2012 Annina Luzie Schmid Digital Archives
Noc Walpurgii 2012 Berlin Do-It-Yourself 2012 Emancypunx Records, Refuse, Feminismus Oi! Digital Archives